Monday, 26 November 2012

The Delhi Way Tours: Qutub Complex

A young bunch of Bangaloreans explore Delhi.

It was a beautiful sunny day to walk through the Qutub complex. While the Minar is the most popular structure here, the complex has a host of other treasures - one of the 1st mosques that was infact made from material of hindu & jain temples, the Smith's folly that was once atop the Qutub Minar, the mysterious iron pillar that doesn't rust, the dome-less but exquisite tomb of Illtutmish, a half constructed minar close by - the Alai Minar & so much more... 

The few hours spent at the beautiful complex completely transported us to a different era. We strolled as if spellbound, took loads of photographs, were greeted by parrots perched on the old ruins, we wondered aloud how such a tall structure was constructed in the 12th century without cranes & todays hi-tech machinery, how a 6000kg iron pillar was erected here...

We ended this memorable day with a drink at one of the restaurants overlooking this wonder.

With Mohit, Kinnary & Rohit