Thursday, 21 June 2012

This month’s most interesting purchases

Walk into the markets of Delhi and guaranteed you’ll find something interesting and out of the ordinary. Here are my 4 most interesting purchases this month:

This is a shampoo made from a bark of a tree, which is wrapped around to form a ring shape. You need to soak it in water overnight, it turns into a paste by the morning; then simply apply it on your hair while bathing. It does the job of a shampoo & a conditioner, moreover its natural, so 'good' for the hair. Now, I haven't tried it yet, but will, as soon as I can gather up the courage.

The second thing I found & bought was a really pretty gold bracelet. Now this is costume jewellery, but trust me when you look at it, it looks absolutely real. It’s a wrist band/ bracelet which fits any size wrist because its got an elastic inside it (not visible to the naked eye). Its embellished with pretty bright blue stones, with little white pearls dangling from it. So its perfect for an evening out with a black or a white outfit.    

A pretty embroidered umbrella that’s perfect for the Delhi summer. Its bright & colourful (yet not loud), in blues, pinks & yellows. Typical Rajasthani designs on the surface of the umbrella & acts as a great accessory for your outfit.

My last purchase is totally out of this world & also looks like an alien gadget. Its got long silver spikes made out of stainless steel flexible wires. All you need to do is wear it like a cap, press it up & down. It massages your head & instantly reduces tiredness and completely relaxes you.


  1. It was a very interesting read. Beauty and Utility can, indeed, go hand-in-hand. I loved the colors of the umbrellas. The Delhi sun will encourage us to accessorize away! Thanks TDW for introducing the glamour quotient in small useful things.
    The Bracelet is beautiful- a must-buy and a must-wear. Let me look for that Black and white outfit now...

  2. Please do share where one can buy the shampoo to address the tress problems!

    1. We bought it from Dilli Haat, but haven't had the courage to use it yet!