Thursday, 5 July 2012

God is everywhere...

Yes, we Indians believe we can reach God just about anywhere.

Once an evergreen tree (located in Delhi NCR), today a mini-temple! What's left of this 15year old tree is a bare bark and a few green leaves. 

So you might wonder how this tree became a place of worship. Well, its quite simple. Someone a couple of years back placed a statue or two of the Indian idols here, and one thing just led to another. The caretaker of this temple, has now become a self-proclaimed priest. The people of this neighborhood have become superstitious about this place of worship & have been offering prayers over the years.
The tree or temple (whatever you might call it) has a new addition, its now also become a wishing site, just like the ‘wishing well’, but you don’t throw a coin to make a wish, instead here you tie a red thread around the tree to make a wish. Once the wish is fulfilled you return to the tree temple and untie the thread.

Delhi has many such stories, come and experience it with us, log onto for more details.

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