Thursday, 8 August 2013

And You thought these didn’t exist…. a Peek into the Reading Room, Jor Bagh, New Delhi

There is something mystical and fascinating about a Library. Ardent book lovers will vouch for it. You enter a revered domain which encompasses knowledge and intrigues which only a mind craving for limitless information can fathom. 

One such magnificent knowledge bank in Delhi is in the form of the Shradhanand Memorial Library & Reading Room found at the corner from the community Centre in Jor Bagh, New Delhi.  

An inspiring old structure that stands the test of time and generations, over the years. A building, that, from the outside, exudes a secret that needs to be unearthed by only those who enter it- beauty of the printed word in a hard bound cover. Once inside, there are rows and columns of books and sitting places which call out to its readers. In the four walls of this library, peace prevails.

It just strengthens our belief that the advent of technology with its army of electronic notebooks and smart phones can never replace the tranquility and printed knowledge bank of a LIBRARY.

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